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CX40P Polarising Microscope

CX40P Polarising Microscope

Industrial & Research Polarising Microscope

The Prism Optical Pro CX40P is a high quality upright polarised light microscope suited for regular professional analysis. The new CX40 frame is matched with excellent optics and fine engineering. This is a configurable platform, with several destressed plan objectives options (long work distance metallurgical or standard).

5 year warranty on defective parts and workmanship. for more information

Configuration options:

  • LMPlan objectives for long working distance,
  • Plan objectives for improved optical resolution, and
  • Various eyepieces, graticules, c-mount adaptors available.

Suitable for

Key features:

  • Infinity colour corrected optics with improved de-stressing,
  • large rotary stage with optional mechanical stage attachment, and
  • stable Y shaped frame with excellent ergonomics.
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Documents and Downloads

Prism Optical Pro CX40P Polarising Microscope

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Viewing Head

30°inclined gemel trinocular head,
interpupillary distance: 54mm~75mm,
diopter ±5 adjustable,
splitting ratio R:T=100:0 or 50:50


High eyepoint 10× 22mm with optional reticule,
High eyepoint 15× 16mm also available

Objectives (LM Plan Pol)

Infinity colour corrected, destressed:
5× NA0.15 WD10.8mm,
10× NA 0.30 WD10mm,
20× NA0.45 WD4mm,
50× NA0.55 WD7.9mm,
100× NA0.80 WD2.1mm

Objectives (Plan Pol)

Infinity colour corrected, destressed:
4× NA0.10 WD20.8mm,
10× NA 0.25 WD5.30mm,
20× NA0.40 WD1.60mm,
40× NA0.60 WD0.36mm,
60× NA0.85 WD0.47mm

Intermediate Tube

With removable internal Bertrand lens, analyser and compensators.


Removable 360°rotatable, 2°increments, precision 6′


Gypsum 1λ (18mm, optical path difference 551nm);
Mica 1/4λ (18mm,optical path difference 147.3nm);
Quartz Wedge( I – IV )


Coaxial focus adjust,
Coarse range: 30mm, fine precision: 0.002mm


160mm diameter circular metal stage, with graphite coating, anti-corrosive and anti-friction treatment.
360°rotatable, 1°increment, precision 6′

Reflected Illumination

12v 50W halogen. Reflected illuminator with LBD filter, centre adjustable field and aperture diaphragms

Transmitted Illumination

12V/50W halogen with centre pre-setting and iris diaphragm

Condenser Type

N.A.1.2 swing-out achromatic condenser with 360°rotatable polarizer, four adjustable scales (0/90/180/270).


Reflected light, reflected and transmitted light, or transmitted light


Yellow/neutral/IF550/LBD filter for transmitted light,
Mechanical stage, moving range: 30mmX40mm; High precision micrometer, 0.01mm increment