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Microscopes for Education

Microscopes for Education

Robust, easy to use, and capable microscopes for students and teachers.

Prism Optical has carefully selected a range of microscopes with needs of teachers and students in mind.

Compound Microscopes

Compound microscopes are designed to produce high resolution, high clarity and high magnification images. They generally have a close working distance, shallow depth of view but have precise focus control.

M100F Junior Student Microscope

Available in monocular or binocular versions, the M100F range is ideal for junior students. It is built tough, features a rechargeable light source and 4×, 10× and 40× objectives. Generally specified with a simple stage with slide clips, a mechanical slide holder can be attached as an upgrade. Focus is controlled using separate coarse and fine knobs, making it simple and easy for small hands and young people.

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E3 Senior Student Microscope

The E3 Student Microscope is suitable for older students requiring a more capable microscope. It has coaxial focus controls, dual layer mechanical stage, and a 0.2W LED light source for bright, even images. Rechargeable with user-replaceable batteries and it's low voltage power requirements make this perfect for classrooms.

Available in with monocular or binocular viewing heads, and a dual layer mechanical stage, this is a very functional microscope that has been refined down to its fundamentals. This makes it robust and easy to use

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E5 Teaching Microscope

The E5 Teaching Microscope is very comfortable and easy to operate. It has all the basic features one expects from a compound microscope, with the ability to add rechargeable or plan achromat objectives at the time of ordering. Supplied as binocular, trinocular, or trinocular with plan achromatic objectives, this is a high quality microscope capable for use with a wide range of microscope cameras including projecting on to large screens via an HDMI camera.

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EX30 Biological Microscope

The EX30 Biological Microscope is our most sophisticated microscope seen in schools, especially in those that are interested in exploring more advanced microscopy techniques. The EX30 also offers dark field, phase contrast, basic polarised light, and fluorescence contrast methods. It uses an infinity optical system which makes adding these additional techniques very easy and cost effective.

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Stereoscopic Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes, also called dissecting microscopes, are ideal where a low to mid magnification levels are required while manipulating the specimen. They have a longer working distance, two separate image paths for depth perception, and multiple mounting options.


This is our entry level stereo microscope. It has two magnification options, 2× and 4×, reflected and transmitted light sources, and a slightly deeper field of view to help younger students follow fast moving objects. Suitable for STEM, geology and mineralogy, small dissections, and for aquatic life samples. It is also rechargeable and low voltage.

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The SMZ0745 Stereoscope Zoom Microscope is our most versatile microscope. They are used in everything including forensics, engineering, quality control, biosecurity, gemmology, embryology, and biology applications.

With a multitude of mounting and lighting options, we can tailor a solution exactly to your needs. Our most popular configuration for teaching environments is with a stand which includes a reflected and transmitted light source (-2LED). The standard configuration covers a zoom range of 0.7× to 4.5×, so with the standard 10× eyepieces the total magnification is 7× to 45× and a working distance of approximately 100mm. Different auxiliary lenses and eyepieces can be supplied to match this to your exact requirements.