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ST30R-2LED Student Stereo Microscope

ST30R-2LED Student Stereo Microscope

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Stereo Microscopes

The ST30R-2LED has been made with schools in mind. Easy to use and maintain, capable and cost-effective, this is a very versatile entry stereo microscope.

It features reflected and transmitted light sources (top and bottom respectively) powered by replaceable rechargeable batteries and a low voltage power source. The two magnification levels, 2× and 4× and the standard 10× widefield eyepieces with rubber eye caps, provides surprising clear and high contrast images for a unit of this price.

These units work great for looking at nearly everything: from arthropods to minerals, and aquatic life to coins.

2 year warranty on defective parts and workmanship. for more information

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Key Features

  • Top and bottom lights,
  • Multiple included diffuser or contrast discs,
  • 20× and 40× total magnification, and
  • Low voltage and rechargeable.
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Documents and Downloads

ST30R Education - Email

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ST30R Education - Print

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Technical Specifications

Eyepeices 10× 18mm
Viewing Head Stereoscopic with 45° inclination
Objectives 2× and 4× for total magnifications of 20× and 40×
Stage Fixed stage with stage clips and transmitted light
Focus Fine control
Contrast Discs Translucent ground glass, translucent acrylic, and black/white opaque discs
Illumination Switchable 0.2W LED (transmitted), LED array (reflected)
Power Source 6VDC 500mA from 110VAC - 240VAC supply
Warranty 3 year warranty on defective parts and workmanship. for more information